Zika virus


zika mosqiuto biteTrouble with eyesight is the only early evidence of the Zika virus

The recent studies show that vision impairment might be the initial symptoms of the Zika virus (ZIKV). Studies show that newborns that came into contact the ZIKV in utero must have the eyes checked as soon as possible, due to the high risk of related anomalies. All the newborns who were potentially infected with ZIKV in utero must undergo an eye examination, with no considerations for the nervous system aberrations, the timing of the infection during the pregnancy.

The recent study came forward with concrete, crystal-clear evidence of the ZIKV may only affect the eyes, they might be the very first signs of infection. Some background information: Zika, a mosquito-related virus usually shows only mild symptoms in adults, yet exposure during pregnancy can be the main cause of some serious birth anomalies, the child might end up having an uncommonly tiny head and brain, which, of course, can and will impact them later in life.

The aforementioned research took over 100 Brazilian newborns, born to the women with ZIKV. The children were carefully researched by qualified specialists through the following 12 months of their life. Twenty subjects had abnormally tiny heads and brains, thirty-one had central nervous system aberrations and sixty-one had no aberrations of that sort. However, 1 in 5 of the children had vision impairments, most of them related to the optic nerve. The scientists conclude that they can’t be absolutely certain that these vision impairments were caused by the ZIKV.