Men’s Health Prophylaxis


man and doctor“Prevention – one of the best qualities of the medicine of the past – says the fighters – in an updated form and now it is irreplaceable”

In 60s-80s, it has been an integral part of the medical examination of every citizen of the country. Prophylaxis is the pride of Health, as a consequence of the popular at the time, preventive medicine. Everyone is familiar with the fact that the disease is easier to prevent than treat. The task of medical examination is timely detection and treatment of diseases in the population. Clinical examination at urologist was also necessary procedure that allows to detect the disease urogenital system in the male population and thus prevent the development of urological diseases.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of widespread implementation of prophylactic medical examination, a new urological equipment, men with the disorder of the genitourinary system is carried out for several years in ignorance of their problems, or in search of a good doctor. Levitra is the pill which helps every man.

Moreover, many of the stronger sex, and are proud of the fact that not consulted a doctor for several years, pretending that they are young and healthy. However, this is not always true.
Non-attendance of the doctor, not a sign that you are healthy.
Only regular inspection by specialists, will help you maintain your health and to make your life long and happy!

If you rely on statistics, men live an average of 62 years old, which is extremely low for a period.

The main causes of deaths among the male population are diseases of the heart and blood vessels, tumor formation of broncho-pulmonary system, the formation of tumor of the prostate, and the final section of the large intestine.

What includes a urological medical examination and where to go?

Every man who has attained the age of 50 must:

  • 1) to be tested: the total PSA, free PSA
  • 2) to be tested: on Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • 3) Make: ultrasound of the prostate
  • 4) Complete inspection urologist
  • Clinical examination needed primarily to avoid diseases such as:

– Prostate cancer

– BPH (prostate adenoma)

– Chronic prostatitis

But medical examination is necessary not only to men who have gray hair could be seen on the hair, but also the younger generation.

Why do you ask?

  • – Perhaps you have been “secret communication”, and now you are afraid for their health and are worried that you are a carrier of an STI?
  • – Maybe you just recently met his soul mate, and do not want to harm her health?
  • – You have played the wedding and the birth of a child plan? But will it succeed? Did you know that 45% of the couple is infertile due to the fault of her husband?
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