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old mens walkingWhy did it stop? Life expectancy rate research

Recent studies show that the life expectancy rises have stopped. Experts say that this situation is deeply concerning and historically unusual. All over the globe, the authorities do their best to ensure that the life expectancy continues to increase. That might not be true for some countries, but it’s true in most of the cases. So, why exactly life expectancy rates have stopped their 100-years-long steady increase?

Between the years of two thousand and twenty fifteen, life expectancy at birth elevated by one year every five years for females and by 3.5 years for males, but after 2010 things started slowing down at an alarming rate. Some people say that the current satiation in the world is to blame, some say that we’ve simply “maxed out”, i.e. reached the limits of human life. There’s no concrete evidence, but some countries’ life expectancy rates are still on the rise. That has mostly to do with the lifestyle.

What can you do to increase your life expectancy?

The answer is the simplest one you can think of: you need to live a healthy life. That means no more vices, having a good diet and working out every day. There are also these social determinants of health (SDH), including housing, education and working conditions. It’s also pretty straightforward: people who live in worse conditions end up dying faster. The studies from UK show that wealthier people live up to sixteen yrs. longer than the poor ones. Obviously, the wealth and living conditions are just as crucial if not actually more crucial as all the above-mentioned physical/psychological factors.

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