Life-changing and life-saving

support dog
Support dog

Life-changing and life-saving: support dogs

The recent studies show that support dogs are able to aid with all kinds of issues, ranging from diabetes to the likes of autism. These dogs, actually, can save and change lives – in the most literal sense. In the UK there are approximately 7000 dogs that can offer their assistance to people and especially kids with diabetes. The dogs can, utilizing their incredible sense of smell, notice abnormalities in a person’s breath or sweat.

The list of medical issues and disabilities that the trained support dogs can help with is constantly growing. It ranges from multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy to the after-effects of a stroke and autism. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, dogs can actually alert to dangers in type-one diabetes, epilepsy, nut allergy and some heart-related issues.

People don’t know much about diabetic alert dogs, and that’s a real shame. This might be the best way to brighten a kid’s life, especially if they have a condition. For example, diabetic alert dogs warn their human companions by barking or touching them.

They will also bring an emergency kit. Although most people suffering from diabetes wear a small device called CGM, it can only indicate a dangerous situation within approximately fifteen minutes after the blood sugar level has dropped or elevated too far. Support dogs can sniff these issues up to thirty minutes before the blood sugar level gets to a dangerous point.
On top of being really cute, these dogs can save and change lives. There’s no real reason to overlook this advancement. More and more people should look into it, especially if you’re living in the United Kingdom.

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