Gender-specific depression

man and women with gender symbols
Gender Differences

Gender-specific depression treatments are on their way

A recent study shows that depression affects males and females differently, which potentially could lead to targeted treatments that will end up being more effective. Studies show that males are more liable when it comes to persistent, long-lasting depression, the females are more prone to short-term depression. Unfortunately, due to the nature of their depression, males are more likely to suffer severe repercussions, including drug abuse and, ultimately, suicide.

Who is more prone to depression male or female?

The research revolved around over eighty female and over twenty male test subjects, the control group – twenty-four female and ten male healthy participants. The study shows that by the age of fifteen, the girls are twice as likely to suffer depression compared to the male teens. In all likelihood, the cause for that is peer pressure and body image issues. The hormonal fluctuations also play a huge part in that, they pile up and lead to severe depression in girls, they make them more viable to the mental disorders.

The research points out that starting from early adolescence, depressing affects the both genders on a completely different level. This is a big deal in the psychological field, sex-specific treatments and prevention approaches must be strongly recommended. Not just disorder-specific treatments. Due to the study’s participants being from ages 11 to 18 (with depression), it also helps to build up some groundwork for interventions at the earlier stages, before things really start to spiral out of control. There are no further plans to conduct a similar research, but there’s a buzz in the medical community regarding this study.

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