FEATURES of Levitra comparing to the other ED treatments:

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A large number of men living with a full conviction that impotence – an incurable disease. How can I get rid of impotence? With any treatment I choose? These are the main and frequent questions asked by men. The main methods of treatment to date are: drug therapy, psychotherapy, using injections, surgery and many else.

The modern market offers a diverse range of products that contribute to the prevention and treatment of male impotence. Despite the fact that these drugs work in a similar way, there is a serious difference in the speed of onset of action of the drug, and the duration of effect. The clear leader with extensive demand is “Levitra”. The main feature is different from other proposed methods is the speed of the onset of the desired effect. The drug takes effect within 30 minutes after administration (as in some men before). The composition of the tablets includes various active substances. The main one is “Vardenafil”. They have a positive effect on the relaxation of smooth muscles of the penis, promote the expansion of its vessels. This significantly increases the flow of blood, resulting in causing strong, prolonged erection time.

According to most experts, the drug helps men to solve two acute and the really important issues. Firstly, increasing the duration of intercourse, and secondly, there is relief from erectile dysfunction. Another property “Levitra”, which need to know the drug has absolutely no effect on male libido. The sperm are mobile and do not lose the ability to fertilize an egg.

The main advantages over the other drugs, in particular to Viagra

  • 1). The application is allowed at any age. Efficacy of treatment is achieved regardless of the severity of the illness and shape and complexity of the problem.
  • 2). Food and drink do not affect the healing of product characteristics on their quality.
  • 3). No contraindications for diabetics.
  • 4). You can use the older men, and older than 60 years.
  • 5). Time for rest and recovery between sexual acts is noticeably reduced.
  • 6). For a long time the reception is not addictive to the drug.

Methods of use and dosage of Levitra:

The minimum initial dose of the drug is considered to be 10 mg. 20 mg – a standard and maximum tolerable daily intake. The maximum dose of the first time, can make men suffering from prostatitis and diabetes. Because of these conditions, the starting dose will be ineffective. Older men enough to take to start 10 mgrammov drug (half a standard tablet).

A significant number of men who started to use the drug, after a small amount of time there is a significant improvement in sexual function. But we must remember that taking pills “Levitra” is permitted only once a day. Please be aware that the opportunity for lovemaking for 8-10 hours reception gives only one tablet. It should be noted, offensive erection under the influence of the drug, occurs only when a man is sexually aroused. In the case where the sex “irritation” is absent, the occurrence of an erection is reduced to zero.


The drug itself, unlike on the market in the form of analogues of Viagra has a very small number of contraindications.

The drug is forbidden to accept:

  • 1). Men under the age of 18 years.
  • 2). When kidney disease, liver, heart.
  • 3). In violation of the blood pressure.
  • 4). Men whose penis has an irregular shape.
  • 5). In the case of allergic reactions to certain components of the drug components.
  • 6). Prohibited reception, while the adoption of a medication containing nitrates in its composition, or nitrous oxide.

Possible side effects (occur very rarely, only 1-3% of cases)

In case of allergy or overdose during the reception, you may experience adverse effects:

  • 1). Headache, drowsiness and dizziness.
  • 2). Hot flashes, facial flushing.
  • 3). Nausea and indigestion.
  • 4). Shortness of breath, bleeding through the nose.
  • 5). Vision loss can be broken brightness and sharpness of perception.

The advantages of buying the pills through the Internet:

  • 1). Complete anonymity.
  • 2). Low cost, compared to conventional pharmacies. Typically 6-8 fold lower.
  • 3). The lack of payment. The calculation only upon receipt.

For effective treatment of sexual disorders, it is necessary to understand what causes their cause. Either way, whether the injection, tablets or physiotherapy must be defined and assigned to a doctor.

This web-site does not sell any drugs, this web-site is an informative blog for people sufferering of Erectile Dysfunction.

In conclusion, it should be noted. Impotence, the disease prevents men to lead a rather active and effective sex. The most important for the treatment must be to resolve this issue. Without wishing to be cured, will not help any existing methods. It often happens that a one-time decision, “Levitra”, leads to a substantial improvement of intimate health, and a landslide victory in the “bed-front.”