Drugs expiration date


expired drug labelDrugs past their expiration date: are they really bad?

There’s no doubt that medicines that are past their expiry date are worthless at best, toxic at worst. Or is there? Recent researches show that the drug expiration date might be a myth.
We all know that pharmacies around the world toss out many prescription drugs once they’re past their expiry date. But if they’re still valuable? Some people argue that the expiry date itself signifies the end of a time period, where the manufacturers guarantee the drug’s effectiveness.

The drugs, on average, expire in two or three years. The dates, actually, don’t really mean that the pills are infective and borderline worthless after they expire. There are a few reasons why all the drugs are so pricey, one of the main ones being – waste. Hospitals toss out supplies, pharmacies and nursing homes are no better when it comes to discarding valuable medications and supplies.

The question on everybody’s mind is – what if they are destroying drugs that are technically useless, but in reality could be used safely? The findings in recent studies are surprising: the active ingredients used in the drugs are stable, and that’s a discovery that has big, serious implications in the long run. The science behind the expiration dates is also outdated, many people argue.

Obviously, there has to be more data, more cohesive researches, but it’s safe to presume that at least a part of the drugs that end up being tossed out still work perfectly. The system needs to update its rules, it may cause a significant drop in price rates and make the needed medicine much more accessible to the general public.

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