Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark


rigshospitalet entranceIf you think that having a job can lead to your demise, think again. Science has just discovered that being unemployed can actually put you in grave danger of fatal heart stroke or life threatening heart problems.

In a study led by the Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark, the results showed that being unemployment upped the probability of death in heart patients by over 50 percent. The research was conducted by physician Rasmus Roerth who concluded that holding a job can greatly influence wellbeing and performance.

  • It’s widely known already that workforce exclusion can often result in depression and even mental health problems and suicide, but this new study looked deeper into the issue by collecting data from over 20 thousand heart failure patients in Denmark. The data contained their heart failure related hospitalization history as well as their employment status at the time.

Among the 21455 people between 18 and 60 years old involved, more than half were working a job when the study started. In the course of more than 3 years of follow-up, 42 percent of the unemployed people were hospitalized again for heart failure while only 40 percent of the employed ones did. And if you are not yet impressed by that number, it is worth noting that during the same period, only 16 percent of employed people died while almost double that number in unemployed patients kicked the bucket.

After some further adjustment, the final results are as follows: Unemployed individuals incurred a 50 percent higher chance of death and a 12 percent higher likeliness of rehospitalization for heart failure. These numbers are substantially higher than those found in the same study when trying to compare likelihood of death or rehospitalization in view of diabetes or stroke histories.

The research team said that the reasons behind this result are potentially numerous and intertwined but still need to be studied in depth.