Coffee intake

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You might want to drink coffee to live a longer life

The recent studies conclude that people who drink coffee might live a longer life. The study involved almost a 1000000 people from 10 countries in Europe, it suggests that an extra cup a day could increase your lifespan. The skeptics point out that it’s borderline impossible to say for sure, if it’s the coffee or is it a healthier lifestyle of people who enjoy coffee.

Is it bad to have coffee every day?

  • The research inspected the deaths over an average of sixteen years, the conclusion was really surprising – one more cup of coffee daily could extend the life of a male by approximately 3months and a female by approximately one month. Obviously, this should be taken with a grain of salt, because there’s no way to take all the factors into consideration.
  • Namely, it did not look into the income differences between people who drink coffee and people who refrain from it. Maybe the avid coffee-drinkers work more, are wealthier and have more disposable income that could improve one’s life and, ultimately, life expectancy. Maybe it’s about socializing that comes easier to people who share their coffee breaks. Despite including tons of people in the study, the researchers decided to exclude anyone with diabetes, strokes or heart attacks – so there’s no information regarding coffee effects on people who have serious health issues.

All in all, there won’t ever be any concrete evidence that drinking coffee increases your lifespan. The study would have to make 1000s of people to drink it every single day (while preventing 1000s from drinking it altogether) and then the researchers would have to closely watch every tiny aspect of their lives, what they eat and drink, their income, exercise, etc.

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