Generic Levitra (Vardenafil)

“The meaning of the latin word « Erigo »- literally translates as” rectification “.
At the time of sexual stimulation, man feels a sense of excitement condition, it is considered by the brain. Then pulse travels down the spinal nerves of the pelvis to the penis, where as a result of improved blood circulation occurs erection.
Starting from 23 years old, in the life of men are more common causes of loss of sexual activity, which can save only through regular monitoring by doctors.
We’ll show you a way to avoid frequent trips to the hospital, and being healthy.

Levitra description:

  • Levitra (Levitra) – a modern medicine developed by the German pharmaceutical company BAYER PHARMA AG, for the treatment of symptoms of male impotence.
    The active ingredient of the drug is Vardenafil (Latin Vardenafilum). The most popular dosages are Vardenafil 20 mg and Vardenafil 40 mg.
  • No prescription required.
  • Country of manufacturer of the drug- India.

Properties of Levitra:

  • Improving blood circulation in the pelvic area, Levitra tablet action occurs within 20 – 35 minutes after the administration, and remains effective for 10 – 12 hours.

At the time of treatment:

  1. Improved potency;
  2. Prolonged time of intimacy;
  3. Strengthens the reproductive system;
  4. Shortens the period of recovery of erection after orgasm;
  5. Admission of Levitra drug allowed for all men older than 18 years. The course of treatment can be one-time or regular.
  6. You should not take more than 1 tablet per day, orally, on average 20 – 35 minutes before intimacy.

The main difference of Levitra erection from other stimulants – a mild effect on the male body. Without causing addiction, drug without affecting the biological properties of the seminal fluid, so no admission restrictions even when conception.

The best Levitra dosage which fits everyone is Levitra 20 mg.


  • Admission Levitra is contraindicated for:
  • Men older than 65 years;
  • Men suffering from acute heart disease;
  • Patients with chronic diseases of the stomach, high blood pressure, and congenital deformity of the penis;

Levitra side effects:

  • Very rare, usually at one to 50 patients after drug overdose.
  • The main symptoms – nausea, dizziness, and allergic nasal congestion.

Generic Levitra and the original drug:

Generic Levitra – a drug analog origin, commercially available under the international non-proprietary name. Produced on the same composition with the original pills Levitra, but differs from them in the absence of brand brand. This means the ratio of the low price and high quality.

You can order Levitra 24 hours 7 days a week.